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MSH Summer Research Fellowship. 1k by Johns Hopkins University to conduct independent research over the summer. 


Hodson Trust Scholarship. $160k scholarship awarded by the Johns Hopkins University to ~20 students in each freshman class. For demonstrating commitment to community, academic drive, and scholastic achievement in both creative and research-driven disciplines.


Valedictorian with Distinction, OCSA.  


Director’s Choice Award. Two students selected by the Director of OCSA’s Creative Writing Department for artistic excellence, commitment to community, and embodying the “Spirit of Creative Writing”.


National AP Scholar


Finalist, Contemporary Poetry Chapbook Prize, Kallisto Gaia Press. 


Honorable Mention, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Poetry.


Spoken Word Performer, Statewide Rollout 6: Environmental Literacy Conference. One of three spoken word performers. Nominated by instructors and the Orange County Department of Education. Performed for 200+ instructors. For the purpose of demonstrating the intersections between environmental science, creative writing, and performance.


Poet of the Year. Voted by the faculty of OCSA’s Creative Writing Department. 


National Medalist and Three Gold Keys, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Poetry, Short Story. Awarded to less than 1% of 400k applicants. Invited to the National Ceremony at Carnegie Hall.


Silver Key, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Poetry.


  • "Somnia", Memoir Mixtapes, forthcoming

  • "The Gift of Poetry: Inspired by Amanda Gorman", SOLA, February 2021

  • Meraki, November 2020

  • "we're still not over '92", Cold Mountain Review + the underwater railroad, November 2020

  • "Persimmon Girl", the underwater railroad, November 2020

  • "paraguayo", the underwater railroad, November 2020

  • "the easier way to deconstruct a Monroe (by waveform? or otherwise?", Common Ground Review, October 2020

  • "For the Boy of Hollow Bones and an Avian Heart", Havik, July 2020

  • "In Case of an Imperfect Korean American: Jump", Havik, July 2020

  • "The Little Prince as told by a pilot-in-theory", Havik + Summer Workshop for Young Writers at the Kelly Writers House Anthology, July 2020

  • "Four", Inlandia Journal, June 2020

  • "Type II", Inlandia Journal, June 2020

  • "Reincarnation and Everything After", Inlandia Journal, June 2020

  • "the way we fold", Inlandia Journal, June 2020

  • "The Freeway Fires", Owen Wister Review, May 2020

  • "Oppy", Inkblot Magazine, March 2020

  • "AI", Bindweed Magazine, October 2019

  • "From the Gen Z Perspective", SOLA, November 2018

  • "Snow", Rattle, July 2018

  • "Jewelry", Blue Marble Review, April 2018

  • "VernalWar", Panoplyzine, July 2016

  • "Moonset", Phosphene Literature Magazine, June 2016

  • "Frost Doily", Adonis Designs Press, June 2016

  • "Sidewalks and Slinkies", "It's Okay", Basil O'Flaherty, January 2016

  • "Dear Star-Child", Chautauqua Journal, June 2014

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