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Natural Sciences - History - Creative Writing  

In another life, Tobi is a leaf slug scouring the ocean floor for snacks. But in this one, Tobi is a student at the Johns Hopkins University majoring in Behavioral Biology, History of Science Medicine and Tech, and Writing Seminars. Currently, she is a data specialist in the Computer Science Department assisting with research related to natural language processing and machine learning. She is a Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow, a co-founder of JHU's Blue Jays and Poets, and a volunteer educator for the nonprofit WBS. Tobi is the author of poetry book Meraki, amongst other works. In her free time, she enjoys looking at lizards, wearing floral dresses, and napping with her weighted blanket.


Tobi aims to deepen the interactions between the natural sciences, history, and art to build paths for healing, reconciliation, and understanding.

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